Everything creators need to run their business, in one place.

Schedule meetings, track your revenue pipeline, collaborate with others, measure your results, and keep a record of everything (including emails).

All of this and plenty more, with one single tool.

Work happens
all over the place

Managing a business of content creation requires a lot of time and dedication, as one post can easily take weeks or months to be produced, published, and finally measured.

In this process, often the information gets scattered across different apps, documents, and emails — which tends to get worse if multiple people are involved.

Use Findie
to have everything in one place

Get an overview of your day and your business

Every single day is different, and we provide full visibility over your daily tasks, schedule, and metrics — always up to date.

Optimize your communication with sponsors and partners

Schedule meetings, share documents, and keep a record of every email that was exchanged with external stakeholders.

Track everything that generates revenue

Keep collaborations, sponsorships, partnerships, and all the other business opportunities organised (and tracked) within the same pipeline.

Never forget about a potential deal ever again.

Be more productive

Plan your content ideas ahead, and collaborate with others.

Attach related documents, define deadlines, set up custom tags, connect posts with deals from your pipeline, and plenty more!

Be faster to pitch your business

Generate insightful reports with 1 click (aggregating data from all the different platforms), and share them directly with brands, partners, sponsors, etc.

Integrate with all the platforms you already use

Findie integrates with multiple social media and content distribution platforms like: Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, X, Spotify, Youtube, Substack, etc.


Our goal is to give early access to the first users on the second quarter of 2024 (either May or June).
If you’d like to help us be faster, please consider giving us some feedback through this form so that we can prioritise the development accordingly.

Our pricing will be structured with 2 our 3 tiers.
Depending on the features and capabilities for each plan, their prices might be somewhere between from €10 and €50.

Short answer: yes.
Different pricing plans will have different capabilities, but we’ll certainly have plans that allow users to have more than one account per platform/integration.

Not for the first version of the product.
But definitely something we can consider for future iterations.

For more information, please reach out to [email protected] and let’s talk — we’ll be waiting for you!

Save time and money with Findie

Get early access to Findie, and take care of everything related to your content creation business with one single tool.